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Bourbon Vanilla Bomb

Bourbon Vanilla Bomb

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“When I smoke a cheap cigar, or drink a cheap bourbon, I am always disappointed by the claim that they are a cigar or a bourbon. Their flavors don’t come through and are usually just off putting in their attempts to give you an experience. In other words, they are a mass produced pile of trash put out quick and cheap to make money through volume, not through creating a passionate following. So when I enjoy a good cigar or a good bourbon, its the opposite of this. Its an experience. Its flavors come through, and you can find new flavors everytime you come back to enjoy a good classic. And thats how it should be with vanilla. Vanilla is mass produced to sell through volume. No one thinks to make it an experience. But Steff has found a vanilla that is above and beyond. And when you bite into these Bourbon Vanilla Bombs, not only do you get an experience, but you get to find new flavors and depths each and every time you come back to enjoy this classic. And its sure to create a passionate following.” - Darrin (husband) 

Organic Medjool Dates, Organic Cacao Paste, Organic Cacao Butter, Organic Double Fold Bourbon Madagascar Vanilla, Redmond Real Salt 

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