How do we allow suffering to be a blessing? These chocolates that you see on this site were made through the fires of suffering. I can say my wife has been through the wringer with her health. At one point she ate only beef. For months. But out of that hardship came a masterpiece that has helped countless people.
God uses suffering in amazing ways. When you’re in that suffering it doesn’t make any sense. But when you see His plan unfold, it puts suffering into perspective. If Steff didn’t struggle with health issues, would our family be healthy today? If she didn’t struggle, would she have tried to make the most pure chocolates on earth? If we weren’t struggling to afford groceries, would she have started selling her product in our small town? I think the answer to all of those is, probably not.

It took a lot of desperation, and a little husbandly pushing to get her to offer these chocolates to the world. What started as the one and only sweet she could eat, has become a blessing to people across the country with similar issues. This is one of those products that changes peoples lives. It has changed ours for the better. It can truly change yours as well. Broken bodies need unbroken food. Good food doesn’t have to hurt. Unbroken, good food most definitely can taste great.

-Darrin (Husband)

I can’t believe Were here. Incredibly humbled, totally frightened, and completely awestruck. In this present moment, I find myself perpendicular to a dirt road. My past to my left, and my future to my right. Wow, what a road… I’m here because doors simultaneously closed, and opened. Forcing one foot in front of the other in this direction. Because “diagnosed” and “undiagnosed” became my daily, confused, frustrating reality, and drove me mad enough to spend my days walking for hours. Physically and metaphorically. This body, this vessel - this broken, chipped, dysfunctional jar of clay - most days I hate it, but its still His. His vessel. That door, its always open. I may be hard pressed on all sides, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; struck down, but not destroyed. Not destroyed. I’ve got my cracks, bruises, and defects, and I’ll bear their marks while I walk, but I’m not useless. I just don’t carry water. I carry light. So here’s to being willing to let that light shine through this broken vessel.

-Steffanie (Wife)