Val B

Val B

‘‘My husband always complains when he has to eat healthy food or desserts but he said the other day “I can eat steffanies chocolates. They are good and I like them” I mean If u had any idea what an accolade that is. Means I have to share now I can’t help myself some days. I try to limit to two a day but sometimes I mean way way way better than mnms AND u don’t get hot flashes when eating them. Sooooo good.’’

Carissa H

‘‘I have ordered several different flavor combinations of these chocolates, and they are always silky smooth, richly delicious and highly addictive. I love the original date and sea salt variety, but have thoroughly enjoyed experimenting with the new flavors. So good!”

Sky W

“These chocolates are the most unique I have ever tasted.Do I recommend them?Well..That depends on how many you want, because I never want to run out! I will surely die.”

April E

“Best and healthiest chocolate I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating.”

Julie A

‘‘Love these chocolates. Pure ingredients mean delicious. It's the real thing. I have to force myself to not over indulge or my regular monthly delivery would be gone in a week, and I admit, I'm selfish and do not share them.”

Jamie M

‘‘I heard nothing but amazing things about this chocolate, so I decided to buy them for the family on Valentine’s Day. They did not disappoint, and knowing that the best ingredients were used will have me coming back for more.”

Sara B

“I originally bought these as a gift, but was so lucky that he shared them with me, because I love them. I needed an allergy friendly(gf/df) gift and these delivered! They are exquisite-beautiful to look at, wonderful flavor combinations and the perfectly smooth mouthfeel you want in exceptional chocolate. I looked forward to eating these. They are a healthy, delicious treat and it's impossible to stop at just one. Do not hesitate to order- your mouth and body will thank you!”

Mary S

“Peanut Butter Chocolate is my favorite. The combination is timeless, and the simple ingredients nourish my body while I get to enjoy one of my most favorite treats.”

Darrin C

‘‘Healthy things usually taste disgusting. Or at the very best they are a less exciting version of the real thing. But these chocolates aren’t that. It’s almost a shame to call them chocolates because it seems like they are a category of their own. They aren’t a healthy version of a different product. This is the new standard of what chocolate should be.It’s unlike anything else I’ve ever tried, and they are incredible.”

Linda J

“Not only does Steffanie put only the finest and healthiest ingredients into her chocolates, she puts her heart and soul into each pour. It's a hard decision which one to try first. The presentation is beautiful then the melt in your mouth flavors....Yummmmmmm. Thank you Steffanie for bringing healthy and tasty chocolates to our lil town.”

Maria G

Love, love, love these chocolates! A fierce advocate of healthy eating, blended with raw, organic ingredients and you get a dose of a really yummy treat! I highly recommend trying these, you won't go back to store made candies!